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    [9] First and second order transition in frustrated XY systems
    D. Loison and K.D. Schotte, Euro. Phys. J. B 5 (1998) 735.
    The nature of the phase transition for the $XY$ stacked triangular antiferromagnet (STA) is a controversial subject at present. The field theoretical renormalization group (RG) in three dimensions predicts a first order transition. This prediction disagrees with Monte Carlo (MC) simulations which favor a new universality class or a tricritical transition. We simulate by the Monte Carlo method two models derived from the STA by imposing the constraint of local rigidity which should have the same critical behavior as the original model. A strong first order transition is found. Following Zumbach we analyze the second order transition observed in MC studies as due to a fixed point in the complex plane. We review the experimental results in order to clarify the different critical behavior observed.
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