• Pkzip (or winzip) decompress the files.
  • Ghostview interprets the postscript files and prints them.

    A. For Windows 95-98 and after:

    1. First you need the program winzip (at least the version 7).
    a) Download winzip70.exe from my homepage for the version 7. This file is autoextractable
    b) OR Download the last version directly at winzip
    After installation of winzip you have to

    2. Download the 4 following files:

    OR if you have problem you can go directly at: ghostview

    3. Then with "Microsoft explorer" (for example) you have to run "". This file will automatically call "winzip" and you follow the installation procedure (the only thing that you have to do is to indicate the location of the files "","","" that you have downloaded from this homepage).

    B. For Win 3, Unix, DOS and other :

    get it at: